AIM Tech is not just a trading company but an ecosystem devoted to constant algotrading development.

Our knowledge and experience in High Frequency Trading together with a pool of cutting edge software solutions made specially for everyday traders’ work, let us and our partners improve trading skills and be ahead of the game.

We’re always open to the new ideas, new and unique opportunities and different ways of partnership and cooperation.

AIM Tech is actively developing and expanding, constantly launching new startups and projects of both algotrading and technological kind. Therefore, our need in gifted traders and technical-thinking people never ends, especially if they are keen on working in a competitive and changeable environment.

For those ready to challenge themselves, AIM Tech has different summer-internships of 2 to 4 months long. Every intern appears in a full-time working team and while being there he increases his knowledge level, deepens into the very new sphere, and finally makes his own decision whether he is ready to keep developing in this direction. After a successful internship, AIM Tech might make a job-offer to the intern, including a possibility of a delayed job-offer (if an intern needs to finish his university studies first).

To apply for an AIM Tech internship, contact our HR Team by texting to this e-mail:

AIM Tech is not just a trading company but an ecosystem devoted to algotrading business development. We’re constantly open to different ways of partnership and collaboration.

AIM Tech is ready to find special and exclusive conditions of working with experienced algotraders as well as various scenarios including those mentioned below:

  1. To find a sponsor/team for your strategy on profit-sharing conditions
  2. To work your strategy out in a cooperation mode
  3. To find you a group of partners/ colleagues with an aim to create an independent algotrading team

Thus, AIM Tech is ready to share its contacts, to discuss business options and opportunities and jointly work on external strategies to achieve to best result for both sides.

AIM Tech is not restricted with just algotrading projects. Apart from those we’re launching technological startups, taking the role of a full-value incubator or a partner. While doing that we’re providing them a team, office space, coaching support, facilitation etc.

Nowadays there is a widespread opinion that it’s impossible to create an innovative breakthrough somewhere outside Silicon Valley or certain Asian cities. AIM Tech is ready to question this point of view while launching technological startups in Moscow by Russian developers’ hands.